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Turmeric Salve


A warming, herb-infused, Tumeric Salve rub to calm your wild aches. 

Yuyo's fresh, vibrant salve unites widely revered herbs with hand-grown Tennessee hemp. Turmeric, regarded as one of the most powerful medicines in the world, comes together with cayenne, menthol and aloe to create the ultimate pain-relieving solution.

A pure, bright topical with deeply soothing results, Yuyo's turmeric salve is made for condition-riddled skin and aching bodies. It's beloved for its impact on spasms, soreness, inflammation, monthly cramps and more.

Turmeric Salve Ingredients

  • Hemp extract
  • Turmeric
  • Cayenne
  • Menthol
  • Aloe
  • Essential oils


  • 2oz / 100mg
  • 4oz / 400mg

About Yuyo Botanicals

All products from Yuyo Botanicals are crafted with organic, hand-grown hemp from the fields of Tennessee. Led by female farmer Christie Tarleton and co-founder Amanda Matsui, Yuyo Botanicals focuses on educating communities about clean cultivation and sustainable practices. 

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