Liha Beauty

Queen Idia Candle


A fragrance that says: Yes, Queen. 

Inspired by the mythical Yoruba Queen Idia, this complex and floral sustainable coconut wax-blend candle has more than a whiff of female empowerment. Base notes of frankincense and geranium, and top notes of lavender and hibiscus combine to form a heady and earthy blend reminiscent of soft African moss. 

Place this powerful candle next to your bath for a beauty ritual that will fill you up and set you right. 


  • Coconut wax
  • Lavender 
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium 
  • Hibiscus 


  • 30 cl (large)
  • 9 cl (small)

Liha Beauty

Created by two young British women, Abi and Liha, Liha Beauty started as a shared passion and blossomed into a thriving Black-owned wellness company. Their products combine the secrets of African beauty rituals with their English sensibility - allowing their oils, soaps, candles and creams made from ancient, trusted and pure ingredients to nourish and revive skin in a modern, fast-paced world.