Green "JULIO" Pipe


Green-light, special.

A smooth stone ceramic pipe, made with intention. One-of-a-kind colorful puff piece from porcelain and stoneware clay made by true artisans for those who dabble in the craft of consumption. This green dream serves as an object of art and functional smokeware device. 


  • Each pipe is completely unique
  • Measures approximately 4" x 2.5"
  • Porcelain + stoneware clay


MIWAK JUNIOR first began as a rebellious act in a community college ceramics class, where making smoking implements was strictly verboten. Chilean artist Sebastian Boher tried twice to sneak a pipe into the kiln; but on his third try, the pipe went undetected by the censors, proving that he'd created an object of beauty with a discreet functionality. MIWAK JUNIOR was born.

The MIWAK JUNIOR aesthetic is inspired by Pre-Columbian cultures, Space Age wonder, and the clean minimalism of Japanese design.