DoubleBlind Magazine Issue No. 2


If you're craving fresh, unbiased perspectives on science and spirituality, look to Double Blind. As a biannual print magazine, Double Blind is on the frontlines of the movement to bring psychedelic storytelling to the masses.

Why we love DB:

  • Blend of spirit + science
  • Respect for unexplained power of mysticism 
  • Thoughtful visual curation, prioritizing artistic intention
  • Depth of information on psychedelic science revolutionizing mental health
  • Bold feminine leadership, with a fearless approach to telling controversial stories


  • 88 pages, perfectly bound, printed on premium paper.

"In DoubleBlind's second issue, we cover the latest developments in the rapidly expanding psychedelic movement. Reporter Zach Sokol explores why decriminalizing psychedelics—and growing your own mushrooms—is the best way to combat "corporadelics" (yes, that's a thing). We also look at ayahuasca for conflict resolution among Israelis and Palestinians; the rise of men's healing circles; and the beauty of female friendship, across generations. Buy the issue now for these stories, poetry, photography, art, and so much more."

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