Dark Chocolate Cherry CBD Truffles


A restorative treat with dark, decadent flavor.

Calivolve's organic truffles are a confectioner's dream. Crafted with full-spectrum, American hemp, Calivolve's chocolate truffles artfully combine pure CBD with earthy, mood-boosting maca and stress-relieving ashwagandha. California's seasonal, hand-picked cherries, individually selected and candied in small batches, add sweet notes to every mouthful.

Offering a uniquely exquisite taste, each morsel contains 20 mg CBD, safely cultivated in the U.S. Calivolve's chocolate truffles are a feel-good delicacy packed with superfoods and adaptogens—so, there's no reason to feel guilty about herbal indulgence.

20mg full spectrum CBD each. 80 mg full spectrum CBD total).


  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Organic, California cherries 
  • Maca 
  • Ashwagandha

About Calivolve

Calivolve creates luxury, cannabis-infused edibles with a healthy twist. Each piece of chocolate is packed with superfoods and adaptogens. Founded by long-time friends and finance experts Lily Cabral and My Thai, Calivolve has made a splash as female-first cannabis confectioners with refined taste, sophisticated design and high safety standards.

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