Flor de María

Dark Chocolate Bar 70% (with CBD)


Dark and delightful.

70% Carenero Superior, Select Premium Chocolate Trinitario / Criollo hybrid from Barlovento, Venezuela provenance and named after the port from where it was once shipped. Its flavor is bold and earthy, with tropical fruit and strong spicy nut notes, bright acidity, and delicate nuttiness. The 70% Dark Chocolate CBD bar has a medium body with a very long finish that is round and complex.


  • Dark chocolate 70%,
  • Organic cacao beans
  • 120 mg Organic full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD (10mg in each serving)


  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • OU Kosher

Flor de María

Fine edible chocolatier, Flor de María meticulously selects each ingredient that goes into their bars. From the delicious deep, spicy nut flavors of Venezuelan cacao, to the bright fruity taste of the chocolate from Ecuador, Flor de María is tastefully made with some of the best cacao in the world. Infused with hand cultivated, New York grown, full-spectrum artisanal hemp flower extract, and produced with the most delicious and responsibly sourced ingredients we can find, from the spiciest peppers to the most exquisite finishing salt in the US. Founder William Zitser exclusively sources from family-owned producers maintaining that each bar is an experience of the finest single-origin Latin American chocolate.