Cleban & Daughters

Little Vials Set (day & night)


Have tincture, will travel. 

Need a drop of energy, how about a soupçon of sleep? These mini tinctures from Cleban & Daughters can help with both. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes in herbal medicine, aren’t quite ready to commit to a new approach to wellness, or are just looking for a travel-sized solution you can keep with you at all times, reach for a mini. 

In this pack, you’ll find one mini vial of Electra and one of Nocturne Tincture - a solution for staying alert and energized and one for slowing down. 



  • .6oz each 

    Cleban & Daughters

    Cleban & Daughters is an herbal remedies brand built by two sisters who were inspired by their grandfather’s Dutch apothecary (originally founded in 1850). Liana and Roxane’s summers in Amsterdam led them to careers in health and wellness and to create a collection of products designed to honor the old-world community of healing first established by their Opa. Now based in California, the sisters continue his legacy, producing pure, small-batch herbal remedies for a hectic new world.