Brainstorm Mushroom Chocolates for Sharp Focus


Sharpen focus and get into the flow.

Brainstorm is a decadent confection crafted to help you make life happen. Pop a morsel in your mouth as you greet the day, or tuck the sliver away for an afternoon snack. 

A powerful formula with compound benefits, Brainstorm pairs the immediate gratification of clean, natural energy with the longevity of a daily ritual.

Each bite delicately delivers the finest functional ingredients, richly layered in organic, fairly-traded dark chocolate. Organic cordyceps and lion’s mane come together to aid in focus and wholistically renew the mind.

Brainstorm offers 100% fruiting body mushrooms, each strain carefully sourced and expertly cultivated. 

*alice is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher.


  • Organic, fair-trade dark chocolate
  • Organic lion’s mane
  • Organic cordyceps
  • Guarana
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • A single square equates to two-thirds of a cup of coffee; 66mg of caffeine.

About alice

alice creates delicious, indulgent mushroom chocolates that pair instant sensations with long-term benefits. Years of collaboration with homeopathic doctors, generational chocolatiers, and skilled formulators led to the duo—the power of functional mushrooms delivered in delightfully-indulgent daily doses.

Founded by creative director + community-builder Lindsay Goodstein and food scholar + wellness authority Charlotte Cruze, each decadent bite of chocolate contains fruiting-body mushrooms, nootropics, and adaptogens.

Allied with The Hope Project and the Microdosing Collective, alice advocates for all mushrooms (psilocybin, too). Lindsay, who studied mushrooms after departing from the pharmaceutical industry, and Charlotte, who built inventive, forward-thinking food brands, believe in a safe, effective future for fungi.