Wellness in bloom.

At The Flower Pot®, we believe in the curative power of plants—for everyone. Our mission is to create a safe and reliable space for you to explore + experiment with the benefits of botanical medicine.

Since our founding in 2016, we’ve spent years researching and cultivating, testing and toying. We’ve curated a selection of carefully vetted products and specialty, nature-based solutions for everything from pain and anxiety to sexual enhancement.

We offer revitalizing tonics, balancing herbal blends, aromatic oils and luxurious consumption accessories because we believe in elevated experiences on every level. Our work is to ensure these remedies reach every race, group, and identity.

Finding remedies that meet your needs is a personal journey, but we’re here to make sure you won’t have to do it alone.

By providing effective, plant-based approaches to personal care—and the expertise to enlighten, educate and enhance these approaches—we heal individuals and uplift communities. Our consciously curated cannabis-based and herbal products allow you to comfortably discover what’s right for you.

Whether botanical medicine has already become an everyday essential, or you’re only just beginning to branch out, be patient with your process. Remember, we’re here for all questions, chats and curiosities.

Our Standards

  • Always natural, non-toxic 
  • Safe and scientifically proven
  • Centred on womxn’s needs
  • Majority female-founded 
  • Made in North America
  • Ethically sourced
  • Sustainably produced 
  • Accessible for vegan lifestyles

Meet our Founder.

photo of Rebecca Kershberg by Ashley Lombardo

A creative director, a yogi, a lifelong learner and an educator, Rebecca Kershberg created The Flower Pot as a place of connection, balance and healing. Having enjoyed a successful career in web design and development, as well as a decade of experience in the health and wellness sector, she’s dedicated to providing compassionate, highly personal and elegant solutions to everyday ailments. TFP is her way of aligning two passions: holistic approaches to sustainable wellness, and a beautiful digital experience.

These passions are backed by a deep wealth of knowledge and grounded in multidisciplinary approaches to mind and body care.  Rebecca has a certificate in Integrative Health Coaching from Duke University and is both a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and a Registered Yoga Teacher. A Southern California native, Rebecca gained firsthand experience in holistic healing as a clinic manager for Remede Naturopathics in New York City, before returning to her roots to found and cultivate The Flower Pot in Los Angeles.