Summerland Ceramics

"Fruit Fantasy" Apple Pipe


A cunning, creative handpipe.

Summerland’s Apple Pipe is an aesthetic figure with a secret function. It delivers a smooth smoke while a cool, ceramic feel rests in the palm of your hand.

Like Eve’s forbidden fruit, the Apple Pipe is made for indulging whenever you’d like. It's both an art object and a guaranteed upgrade from the piece you left behind.

Summerland pipes are made with top-quality food-safe glaze. Place it on your bookshelf between uses — only you have to know it’s more than decoration.

Summerland Ceramics

Summerland is a collection of modern ceramic stonerware. Each unique piece is made from Earth, by hand, in California.

Many of Summerland’s pieces double as home décor. All are crafted with quality, food safe glaze.

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