Moon Dust – DreamMoon Dust – Dream

Moon Juice

Moon Dust – Dream

Sleep MintsSleep Mints

The Flower Pot®

Sleep Mints

Lavender CBD Sleeping MaskLavender CBD Sleeping Mask

Kana Skincare

Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

Nocturne (sleep tincture)Nocturne (sleep tincture)

Cleban & Daughters

Nocturne (sleep tincture)

Sweet Dreams Tincture

Homestead Apothecary

Sweet Dreams Tincture

Deeper Sleep KitDeeper Sleep Kit
On sale

The Flower Pot®

Deeper Sleep Kit

$73 $86
Little Vials Set (day & night)Little Vials Set (day & night)

Cleban & Daughters

Little Vials Set (day & night)


Our curated collection of luxury smoking accessories is made with artisan-quality care, top-grade material and exceptional craftsmanship. Each offering, handcrafted in the United States, accentuates a room or an interaction with unique, sophisticated flair.

Trust us, these aren’t the college pipes you left behind. Our selection of smoking accoutrements will increase your consumption experience and make a stunning impression on friends and guests. Live in the luxury you give.

Smoke is culture; it’s high fashion. We say: Why not do everything with style in mind?


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