Mushroom People Magazine


Funghi curious? Forage no further.

Whether you’re interested in the many medicinal qualities of mushrooms or the psychedelic varietals, Mushroom People will be your source of all things fungi.

The makers of Broccoli educate in Mushroom People, a special edition, single-issue magazine for mycophiles. They call on artists, writers, and fungi enthusiasts from around the world to explore mushroom fact and fantasy, collecting specimens of all kinds: the strange and familiar, beautiful and ugly, toxic and healing, ephemeral and enduring.

Inside Mushroom People, Bethany van Rijswijk delves into the folklore of the magic mushroom, arrangements by Leslie Kirchhoff and Yasmine Khatib prove that mushrooms are the new flowers, Claire L. Evans goes inside the trip report forum Erowid, Zoe Gong heals what ails us, Adrienne Kammerer paints a slug’s-eye-view, William Padilla-Brown talks citizen mycology, Shruti Ravindran breaks down the neuroscience of tripping, and Lio Min searches for counter-culture on the forest floor. Plus: MycoAstrology, Mushroom Fashion Week, the search for a lost perfume, hacking a chat-shroom in the Wood Wide Web, glowing mushroom lamps, Mixtec transcendental gastronomy, a mushroom burial suit, and much more.


  • 192 pages, perfect bound.
  • Features three premium paper stocks.
  • Measures 8.25” x 11.25”

About Broccoli 

Broccoli Magazine is a tri-annual cannabis magazine. As the first of its kind, Broccoli Mag is female-founded and fully operated by former kinfolk editor-in-chief Anja Charbonneau. The playful, informative print mag is created by a team of internationally curious, diverse women who love weed and work to explore its intersection with art and culture.