Sackville & Co

Sackville Signature Grinder


Flare for your flower. 

Adorned in soft brushed gold, Sackville’s signature grinder is the perfect way to prepare for a sesh. This lusty device features four dynamic chambers, with a mesh kief screen, kief catcher, and diamond-sharp teeth. 

Neatly sized and styled like a piece of fine jewelry, the Sackville grinder is an accessory that you won’t want to hide. Release the magnetic enclosure, twist a few times, and remind yourself why you deserve beautiful things. 

About Sackville & Co. 
Sackville & Co. is a contemporary designer of cannabis lifestyle goods. Founders Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt launched the high-end line after years of developing businesses, experiential marketing projects, and luxury products. 

The stunning collection of design-forward cannabis pieces intends to fade the stigma surrounding consumption. Always adding character, Sackville’s vibrant accessories make the connoisseurs and curious look + feel good.