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Crystal Ball Pipe

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Balance Pipe

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Slide Lighter

Petal PipePetal Pipe

Edie Parker Flower

Petal Pipe

"Fruit Fantasy" Apple Pipe"Fruit Fantasy" Apple Pipe

Summerland Ceramics

"Fruit Fantasy" Apple Pipe

Rainbow Rolling PapersRainbow Rolling Papers

Edie Parker Flower

Rainbow Rolling Papers

Pre-Rolled Cones (6PK)Pre-Rolled Cones (6PK)

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Pre-Rolled Cones (6PK)

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The Wave Pipe

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Cob Pipe

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Debbie Carlos Studio

Piccolo Pipe

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The Smoke Pot

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Sackville Signature Grinder


Our High-Brow Headshop

Luxury Smoking Devices and Accessories

Our curated collection of luxury smoking accessories is made with artisan-quality care, top-grade material and exceptional craftsmanship. Each offering, handcrafted in the United States, accentuates a room or an interaction with unique, sophisticated flair.

Trust us, these aren’t the college pipes you left behind. Our selection of smoking accoutrements will increase your consumption experience and make a stunning impression on friends and guests. Live in the luxury you give.

Smoke is culture; it’s high fashion. We say: Why not do everything with style in mind?



The electric slide.

Searching for a more sustainable alternative to the everyday lighter? Look no further. This Tetra lighter is entirely electric with an eco-friendly design and mini-USB charger included. A simple slide activates the heated inner coil to neatly, discreetly light up a joint. No fuel necessary.

Tetra’s tech-first design is rechargeable. Founded by Monica Khemsurov and Eviana Hartman, Tetra has created a handful of the most innovative cannabis tools. Sleek, stylish and green, it’s a perfect gift for rolling up at home or tossing into your purse to be prepared to smoke in style at any excursion.

If you’re someone with a no-tolerance policy for plastic waste, Tetra is for you. It’s reusable, so you only need a single lighter to stay lit.

Available in three color shades — matte black, metallic gold, iridescent pink.

Price: $22

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"FRUIT FANTASY" APPLE PIPE by Summerland Ceramics

The perfect pipe dream.

Take a bite out of the forbidden fruit with this incredible pipe from Summerland. Clever and cunning, this Apple Pipe speaks to the most tempting fantasy indulgence.

The lustrous, shiny handpipe keeps its little secret: a smooth smoke. A revolution in ceramic creativity, this Apple Pipe from Summerland Ceramics is handmade in California. Akin to sculptural home décor, each piece is unique.

An object of pleasure, an upgraded pipe, a minimalist style… It's a cool ceramic centerpiece for your home. Summerland pipes, ceramic stoneware for the modern smoker, are tenderly glazed with top-quality, food-safe coat.

Available in white.
Price: $85

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BALANCE PIPE by Tetra Shop

Heart of glass.

Made by designer outfit Tetra, the Balance Pipe is a brilliant love affair. Tetra specializes in iconic, designer smoking objects with modern methodologies and mid-century elegance.

The Balance Pipe is conceptualized by Jamie Wolfond in Brooklyn, New York. Constructed from the top lab-quality borosilicate glass, this geometrically balanced handpipe has a sleek mouthpiece, sidecar carb and tiltless base.

Welcome to the era of cannabis modernism, paired with technical specifications to minimize heat and deliver a cooler, more pleasurable smoking experience. It sets the style by uniting the pillars of function + fashion + form.

Available in two color shades — translucent blush and forest green.
Price: $65

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Consult the oracle.

An artisan-made ashtray by Concrete Cat is the perfect altarpiece to style the space, set the energy and deepen ritual. Though we love glass ashtrays, we feel concretely confident about the staying power of Octavia. The Octavia Pico Incense Bowl + Ashtray is a stunning multipurpose piece, adorned in four ancient oracle patterns.

The designer collective conceives + creates art, furniture and architecture utilizing concrete as a medium. Each uniquely crafted, functional art sculpture is handmade at the Concrete Cat studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Use for incense burning and smoking, watch it burn and billow. The exquisite finish ages with character, making it the most auspicious gift for a new home or adding texture to a long-time living space.

Available in four color styles — Kirby’s Dreamland aqua blend, Laela blue and gold, Neruda coral blend, Kafka grey and black blend.
Price: $100

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Levity in green.

We all need a good laugh, a reason to feel free and easy. This light-hearted message will give you good vibes + the reason to pass it on.

A simple, universal reminder to find joy in the little things — hand-drawn and printed on luxe cream paper. The greeting card, designed Pop + Paper, reflects the signature comedic, minimalist style from California-based artist and award-winning actor Wes Aderhold.

Whether you’re rolling up with friends or missing a friend who's far away, this greeting card is made to spread happiness. Spark a joint, a little green always brightens the day.

Available in luxe cream.
Price: $6

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A golden standard.

Lust + flair for generations to come, this gold grinder is the most sought-after smoking item from Sackville & Co. — a creator of contemporary cannabis lifestyle accessories. Gold is a style that won’t fade, meaning this grinder will never age out of fashion.

For the connoisseurs and the cannabis curious alike, Sackville’s gold grinder is a timeless piece. The magnetic enclosure joins four dynamic chambers, featuring a grinder with diamond-sharp teeth, a mesh kief screen and kief catcher. Indulgently seeking the perfect way to prepare for a smoke, founders Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt launched the high-end line of luxury smoking accessories.

Gold pieces with exquisite character to sesh in style, and look and feel good while smoking. Set the vibe, grind the bud, top with kief and revel in the beautiful things.

Available in gold.
Price: $40

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GOLD CONE WRAP by Shine Papers

Call ‘em ice cream..

An all-natural hemp blend encased in fine, edible gold, cone, this 24-karat cone is crafted from Shine Papers. It deposits delicate floating ashes that shine beautifully. In this case scenario, all that glitters is gold.

Shaped into a cone ready to pack and roll, Shine delivers top-quality cones engineered to burn slow. This gold cone wrap is produced naturally with no tobacco, nicotine or harmful chemicals. It’s a quality, luxury smoke product.

A perfect stocking stuffer or general feel-good gift, the gold cone wrap by Shine is readymade for a luxurious session. Grind it up, scoop it in, smoke it down. Even in the sun, these cones keep it shiny.

Available as a pre-rolled cone or pack of king-size rolling papers.
Price: $14

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The golden tickets. .

It’s a dime for one sheet of gold-flecked paper, to roll up a dime with your dime. Get two, because you’ll want to see the trail of gold ashes more than once.

Delicate yet sturdy, the king-size gold rolling papers invented by Shine Papers will wrap the most beautiful bud in a blended hemp base. Shine gold rolling papers are made from quality materials, with zero tobacco or nicotine.

Shine has created natural designer joints made for safely smoking in style. Social outings, social media or none of the above, it’s an invitation to shine and stay lit. Pair with the Tetra Slide Lighter for a sleek, techy smoking experience.

Available as a pre-rolled cone or pack of king-size rolling papers.
Price: $10

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Smoke in style.

In 2021, it’s your chance to say the most by giving unique gifts. Artisan-made, exquisite craftsmanship, designer-quality material, future-minded concepts.

Gift the gift of expression with luxury cannabis accessories — sleek, cool electric lighters, designer pipes, shining rolling papers and more.

We’ve selected perfect gifts for the aesthetes in your life, including designer pieces from top cannabis brands like Concrete Cat, Pop + Paper, Tetra Shop, Sackville & Co., Summerland Ceramics and Shine® Papers. Fill the world with beauty, spread the good smoke, do everything in style.

Welcome to the smoke shop. Browse our curated menu collection of luxury smoking accessories and accouterments for elevated sessions + feel-good experiences.