Lulu’s Chocolates

Maca Buttercups


A lush, earthy confection.

A luxurious alternative to the average peanut butter cup.

Vitamin- and mineral-rich sprouted almond butter comes encased in a 78 percent chocolate shell with a complementary sprinkle of fleur de sel sea salt.

Lulu’s chocolates are crafted with energy and clarity in mind. They're an ideal way to satisfy cravings around that time of the month, and the most delicious approach to alleviating symptoms of PMS.

Infused with naturally beneficial maca, Lulu has put a sugarless, medicinal twist on a classic sweet. Eat for sensuality, mood, self-care, or simply to indulge.

2 Buttercups per box.


  • Ecuadorian cacao
  • Coconut sugar
  • Sprouted almond butter
  • Wildcrafted maca
  • Vanilla bean
  • Fleur del sel sea salt
  • Love

About Lulu's Chocolates

Lulu founded her chocolate company after a life-changing experience with a cacao tree in Hawaii. Always committed to ethical sourcing, Lulu’s ingredients are wild-harvested by farmers in Ecuador who she knows and pays a living wage for their work.

All chocolates are produced with a dedication to purity and sustainability. Lulu works to share the powerful attributes of chocolate and other natural medicines with the world.

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