Earth Scrub


Luxurious, full-body polish.

Massage this gently exfoliating face + body scrub into damp skin for a fresh, healthy glow from head-to-toe. Anti-inflammatory Blue Tansy soothes as Mineral Silica's subtle texture offers a gentle all-over exfoliation. French Green Clay detoxifies and nutrient-dense Chlorella encourages new cell growth.


The unique molecular structure of French Green Clay makes it an exceptional detoxifying ingredient that simultaneously eliminates free radicals. Chlorella purifies and nourishes with a wide array of nutrients and minerals, encouraging new cell growth. Mineral silica offers the perfect texture for a gentle at-home microdermabrasion treatment. Blue Tansy Oil calms inflammation, clears congested pores and reduces redness. Orange Peel prevents breakouts without stripping the skin of its natural oils for a fresh look and even complexion. Vitamin C enhances collagen production and protects photo-aged skin.

    About HAOMA

    Haoma was founded as a radical celebration of natural beauty. The Skincare Series is a holistic, science-based approach that focuses on regenerating healthy cellular turnover, restoring degraded nutrient density, and resetting overstimulated nervous systems to strengthen the health and vitality of your skin — at any age. 

    Their team of chemists and herbalists combine high-quality, clinically-proven plant ingredients with carefully selected bio-engineered compounds to create powerful and effective formulas.


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