Homestead Apothecary

Smudge Bundles


Cleanse yourself, protect your space.

A ritual common to many religious and healing practices, smudging is the burning of plant materials to remove negative energy. It allows us to reconnect with the positive powers of the natural and spirit worlds. Sage is traditionally used for cleansing and healing, while cedar provides protection.

Light one end of the bundle and guide the smoke as it billows around your body and space. Let it drift through the room, inviting an essence of energetic clearance.

Crafted by West Coast favorite Homestead Apothecary, these bundles make a thoughtful gift for anyone warming a new home or recovering from an illness, breakup or loss.


  • Sage
  • Cedar 

About Homestead Apothecary
Oakland, CA

Homestead Apothecary’s mission is both to inspire customers and to build a community around plant-based medicine by supporting herbalists, farmers, makers and artists. Products are handcrafted in Northern California using local plants.

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