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1601 Vine Street

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1601 Vine Street

Los Angeles CA 90028


TFP Curated Collections

Octavia Pico Incense Bowl + Ashtray

Our chosen accessories emphasize clever thinking and artisanal approaches. Designed by renowned creators and underground producers alike, our products will increase your consumption experience, introduce aromas or make a stunning impression on friends and guests. Each offering, handcrafted in the United States, accentuates a room with unique and provocative flair.


Clever thinking, artisanal approaches.

A unique and provocative collection. Enhance your experience, introduce new aromas and make stunning impressions.

Recharge, reset, re-energize you.

An alleviating collection for minimal pain + maximized recovery. Plant extracts, sustaining the physical.
CBD Bath Bomb

So, who are adventurers anyways?

They’re the bold ones. An adventurer meets life with curiosity and tact - the do-ers, the experiencers, the witnesses. You might find them biking the nearest forest trail, in true alignment with the sounds of nature at work, or alternatively, plunging headfirst into ambitious projects at dizzying speeds.

These creatures are built for endurance and action. Their very lifestyle is a hot pursuit, and they won’t shy away in the face of their many objectives.

But even the boldest need solace sometimes.

For a fearless soul who loves to get lost, sometimes the best gifts are those that mean returning home for a while - wherever home may be.

Art Prints

Art imitates life.

The Flower Pot presents a creative series of artwork rekindling a natural, long-neglected curiosity for exploring Earth’s medicine.

Using digital mosaic as a modern surrealist medium, we depict profound, intrinsic healing, unraveling through a vivid aesthetic.
These scenes of reverie are meant to truly embody the cultural movement of self-care.

We believe perceptions are shifted through personal experience.
As we transform our tightly held beliefs about healthcare, experimenting with herbal healing becomes both a spiritual and scientific revolution.

Enrich any home or office space with our contemporary collages.
Limited edition, printed in small batches.
Conceptualized in 2019, available now.


A non-psychoactive miracle compound bursting with wellness benefits.

Explore our collection of the highest quality CBD-infused serums, sprays, masks and lubricants on the market.

Curious about cannabidiol (a.k.a. CBD)? Learn more.

Anxiety Support Tincture by Homestead Apothecary
CBD Free

There’s plenty of bliss to be found in products that do not contain CBD for the folks who choose not to partake for whatever reason. Smudge bundles that clarify and cleanse, candles that transport and a tote fit for the farmers market are just what the doctor ordered.

Anxiety Support Tincture by Homestead Apothecary

Bottled and bite-sized remedies for all.

Ingestible essences that support balance, vitality and well-being.

Herbal Goodness
Our herbal products harmonize internal balance with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive hemp extract. CBD can improve homeostasis, affecting appetite, immunity, mood, memory and more. All products, expertly lab-tested and dose-controlled, are created using a safe, specialized extraction process.

The Flower Pot's approved threads.

We're offering soft, breathable organic cotton tops for everyday wear, and canvas totes to accompany your herbal goodies.

Taking a trip to the studio, gym or farmer's market? Now, you can bring The Flower Pot with you.

Modern Woman Collection
Modern Woman

Style, sensuality, skincare + self-love.

A rejuvenating kit for all women, granting you the grace to take on tomorrow. Higher functions, higher frequencies.