The Collective Awakening

We believe in Black lives + Black healing. And we believe in the curative power of plants. That’s why our founding mission of inclusivity and accessibility is more important now than ever.

As we reflect and show up for the collective awakening, we rush to solve a decades-old problem. Our nervous systems are shot, and I’m here to remind you: we need to treat ourselves kindly; this is not a sprint.

This month, we’re focusing on how to take care of ourselves as we set future intentions. At TFP, we work to build community around plant-based medicine. We’re taking a stand to shift the landscape of modern care + make sure that natural healing hits every beautiful body.

We must stay elevated as we practice civic engagement, reprogram our psyches, and create a better world. It’s for Black lives, Black trans women, refugee children in POC communities, every woman who ever dared to love another woman, and every oppressed person who has ever felt the sting of white supremacy.

Look out for a lovingly curated selection of handcrafted lifestyle + consumption objects, plus tips on how to use herbal medicine hygienically during COVID-19.

And remember: 100% of proceeds for June will be donated to The Loveland Foundation.

Our offerings are almost always created by women with women’s needs in mind.

Female Founded Brands

❀ We’re more than a wellness gift shop. We’re building a community of experts and business leaders who band together on behalf of women’s health. ❀

Founder of The Flower Pot