TCM for fertility, mood, and sleep.

Here comes the sun.

We've been expanding our horizon to include traditional Chinese medicinal herbs – announcing 3 new TCM products from Mount Sunny, acupuncture clinic and lifestyle shop based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Shelby Ramirez has harnessed the power of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to create body-balancing capsules that lift the mood (Happy Tree), alleviate symptoms of menstruation (Yin Return), and ease your mind (Calm Spirit).


Star herb: He Huan Pi

Great for anyone battling doom and gloom. 

Chinese Herbs for Depression


Star herb: Suan Zao Ren, Long Yan Rou combo

Ideal for creative thinkers with overactive minds and big imaginations.

TCM for Anxiety


Star herb: Dang Gui

Support fertility, menopause, postpartum.

Yin Return for PMS

Observing the principles of nature can create balance in the body—a human being is merely a microcosm of the universe. 

Each blend comes in a bottle with enough capsules for one month. Blends are vegan, gluten-free, and meant for regular, everyday use.

UNDER $35 // *high* brow, low cost.

Whether you’re looking for something you can’t find, need help choosing the right product or simply seek greater knowledge of plant-based healing and medicine, please reach out.