So what’s the tea with CBD?

The truth is, it’s on the come-up in the fitness space.
We know you’ll want these 4 Ps.


Contrary to long-had stereotypes, plant magic has the power to inspire your gym-attendance-- not inhibit it. In fact, over 50% of cannabis users said weed motivated them to exercise.


67% of U.S. citizens surveyed admitted to using weed both before and after their workout.

People who got high within hours of exercising logged 43 more minutes of activity each week compared to those who didn’t incorporate cannabis into their fitness regimen.


Certain cannabinoids dampen pain perception - allowing fitness-lovers to workout for longer periods of time and get less physically fatigued by intense workouts. Ever struggle going to the gym the day after leg-day? Cannabis can help.


CBD can actually promote weight loss because it can convert “white” fat into “brown” fat - which is an active form of fat that helps the body to burn calories. VISIBLE body progress - we’ll toke to that!

Ready to introduce plant medicine to your workouts?

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