Our go-to natural alternative to Midol

It’s hard to feel balanced during a turbulent menstrual cycle. Our go-to natural alternative to Midol, formulated by 

Allevita is made to help you harness your hormonal balance.

Epione is a natural preventative daily supplement with CBD, cramp bark, and vitamin B6. It’s infused with magnesium for muscle relaxation + green tea for fatigue and water retention.

A monthly supply of this once-daily capsule can soothe cramps, relieve pain, and treat symptoms of PMS. When things get especially challenging, take every 4-6 hours for ongoing relief.

Sarah Wander, founder of Allevita + friend of TFP, is a new mother to young twins. SoCal based, woman-owned and run, Allevita has just one goal: to help women take control of their reproductive system, manage their hormonal symptoms, and calm the associated ailments.

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