Lion's Mane, your favorite mushroom for productivity.

The Lion Queen

Have you heard about Lion’s Mane? A super effective, scientifically supported functional mushroom that helps you focus and gives you mega energy. They’re truly the zippiest ⚡️ in the fungi queendom.

Cleban & Daughters makes one of our favorite mushroom-enhanced tinctures and has named it, aptly, Electra. Working in concert to give you that natural addy effect are: Yerba mate, Maca, Eluethero, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Peppermint.

If you’re seeking pep, clarity or simply a little support when you need to clear your mind and get down to business, this earthy tincture (best taken sublingually 👅 ) will help you get it done.

Electra Energize Tincture

UNDER $35 // *high* brow, low cost.

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