Lacey Stone Fitness


The first seed of our series?

Lacey Stone Fitness

This fitness boot camp encourages breakthroughs of mind, body and spirit, while supporting connection with fellow inspiring fit-women along the way. It’s more than circuit training - it’s a journey of healing and transformation.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • 20 workouts in 20 days. (This thing’s no joke.)
  • Group fitness workouts 3x/week, with spin classes and self-workouts during other weekdays. We choose THE WALL
  • New workout partners during every workout - to help cultivate a fit-fueled femme community.
  • KLEAN LA eats - access to a premium meal delivery service promoting nutrition, sustainability, and weight loss. (Erewhon, who?)
  • Lacey Stone - this athletic powerhouse deserves her own bullet point on this list because it’s her vibrant spirit that drives the program. Between motivating with music, incorporating dance to get us psyched, and sending follow-up emails after every meeting, every effort she makes is one with conscious care behind it. With no shortage of humor, she single-handedly finessed a fierce group of diverse, inspired women - sharing her own trials and tribulations as a testament to the bounties of wellness that workouts can deliver when properly embraced.

Lacey Stone Fitness Bootcamp at The Wall Fitness

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