It's 4.20

It's 420 — an international day dedicated to a very special plant. But what are we really commemorating?

Times are strange, and humanity is facing extraordinary challenges. Yet at the turn of the decade, we take a pause to identify how far we've come. And find hope in what can be.

For people who believe in cannabis, we're witnessing a landmark moment. More than 20 states have deemed cannabis essential.

  • Cannabis is essential for thousands of people living with chronic pain.
  • Cannabis is essential for cancer patients and others steadfastly fighting a condition.
  • Cannabis is essential for calming stress, nerves, and anxiousness.
  • Cannabis is essential for quieting the mind and coping with depression.
  • Cannabis is essential for a restful sleep.
  • Cannabis is essential for the creators making magic, even in stillness.
  • Cannabis is essential for you, me, and many others.

As a leading medicine, cannabis perseveres. In 2020, we're thankful for this essential plant.

→ essential (adj.) - absolutely necessary; indispensable. vital. crucial. fundamental. Imperative.

Photo by @taima.meds via @broccoli_mag

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