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Healer’s Highlighted is a monthly series exploring the role women have taken as healersin the plant medicine, physical fitness, sexual wellness world and beyond. 

We introduce healing powerhouses + professional forces to the community, from business leaders to passionate practitioners, coaches and artists.  HH shares their best-kept secrets, modern healing tips + age-old modalities for feeling good.

Skim the interviews with the first six selections + shoot us a note to nominate a healer for our next feature ✨

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Meet our previously featured healers: 
A collage of Maggie Connors, CEO of Besito LA

Maggie Connors

interview no. 01



Bonus: Echinacea + Elderberry

Jess Lizama

interview no. 2

A collage of Lizzy Jeff, medicine woman and rap priestess


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Lizzy Jeff

interview no. 3

A collage photo of Kimberly Dillon, business coach and CEO at FRIGG Beauty

Kimberly Dillion

interview no. 4

 Collage of Alex Fine, CEO of Dame Products


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Alexandra Fine

interview no. 5

A collage of Reshma Patel from Ananda Integrative Medicine for Healer's Highlighted

Reshma Patel

interview no. 6

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