healers highlighted interview no. 4


Kimberly Dillion is a leading force in the cannabis revolution. Always fierce and funny, Kimberly is a storyteller with a magnetic spirit. As a speaker, writer, and coach, Kimberly has dedicated her life to destigmatizing cannabis. She recently launched FRIGG, an accessible CBD beauty line balancing current science + folk wisdom. When Kimberly generously mentors women in business, she keeps it 100 (we know from experience).  A boss in every sense of the word. 


If you were stuck on a desert island, what medicinal plant would you hope to find while scavenging?

Ashwagandha it’s the one thing that keeps me calm AND focused. Sen Tea Everyone has a folk healer in the family—the grandma with the onion chest rub, the uncle with the hot toddies. Have you picked up any healing traditions from your bloodline? Yes - Sena Tea for detoxing. It’s a more gentle master cleanse. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up and my mother insisted on being “regular”. We are pretty open about it in my house, just like Talking about the weather. Being regular = healthy. Shine app

The digital life is a vibe killer in large doses. What do you do to disconnect? I dont. I sleep with my phone! But I am now meditating daily with the Shine App. What first step do you recommend to newbies who are just starting out on their wellness journeys? Be led by curiosity and what feels good. It should not be painful or shameful. But know that it is so important to check in on yourself. If you give your car a check-up, why not yourself? Milania Snow Healing is all about community, and finding the people you trust. Who are your go-to gurus?

Millana Snow is an amazing breathwork teacher, follow her in IG. She has a very grounding energy. She introduced me to my therapist/healer and she has such a strength that is also very gentle. Out of all the lessons you've learned, what's the number one piece of business advice you would give anyone starting out? It doesn't matter if it already been done. How many brands of water have you had in your life? Your life experiences and vision is what makes a product unique. Potli Apple Cider Vinegar
What's you favorite TFP product? How does it heal you or enhance your life? Potli ACV - I love anything that is flexible and multipurpose. I use it as a face toner and in my salad dressings! Multi-purpose for the win. Keep Reading: Healers Highlighted: Lyndsey Romero-Madden

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