Founder's Favorites

Seasonal picks for you and yours.

A few of my favorite new offerings in the shop.

– Rebecca Kershberg

1. Lust-worthy smokeware

Petal Pipe by Edie Parker Flower // $75

I love this piece for a vibrant pop of color from NY fashion gurus that can artfully accentuate a session or a coffee table. 

2. Gourmet sweet-tooth

Dark Chocolate Amagansett Sea Salt & Nibs Bar by Flor De María // $22

I'm not sure there is a better combo than salt & chocolate? These artisanal treats sourced with organic Ecuadorian cacao are perfect for a foodie's stocking stuffer - crafted with CBD to *soothe* holiday emotions.

3. Cup o' mushroom focus

Wake Up Call | Bold Alertness Chai by Barbari Herbals // $35 for 10 satchels

Part of my morning teatime ritual, Lion's Mane for zippy brain function with delightful warming flavors cardamom, chicory root, cinnamon and clove are currently helping me embrace cozy PNW mornings. 

4. Stylish slab 

Full Length Emerald Marble Incense Holder // $65

Excited to add this new home-good to the store while I was hunting to source an incense burner that would effectively catch ash on a horizontal plane. Love when form and function align. 

5. Aromatic snuggle-time

Rhubarb Smoke Candle by Boy Smells // $39

I'm more of an earthy candle scent gal than floral, this candle leans smokey and really does set such a nice mood. Especially warming, it's a bedroom or living room scent – wherever you relax. Plus it comes in a groovy metallic reusable tumbler.  

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UNDER $35 // *high* brow, low cost.

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