The Loveland Foundation, formed by @rachel.cargle— makes mental health services accessible to Black womxn + girls.

We selected Loveland to receive 100% of our profits for June because their mission is directly aligned with TFP's allyship. Loveland supports women's wellness, mental health advocacy, inclusivity, and accessibility to care.

Loveland makes it possible for females in communities of color to receive essential therapy and other professional services.

Please, spread the word. 

Black womxn and Black girls and Black people everywhere deserve access to healing. Individual healing is carried on, making a profound generational impact.

*10% of profits will continue to be donated thereafter.

illustration by: sacrée frangine | Aline + Célia 🤜🏽🤛🏼

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❀ We’re more than a wellness gift shop. We’re building a community of experts and business leaders who band together on behalf of women’s health. ❀

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