Cannabidiol and hyaluronic acid, a truly dynamic duo.

With so many skincare products leading with the lingo "hyaluronic acid", the question begs, what is it?

Buzzworthy hyaluronic acid is glycosaminoglycan, which is a polysaccharide (essentially a very large sugar!). This miracle molecule is naturally occurring in connective tissue throughout our bodies, with fifty percent of it being found in our skin. Its primary function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated.

As we age, our hyaluronic production slows -- not to fear --to combat this natural cellular shift in our bodies we can use herbally infused topicals to restore the moisture. Paired with the magically anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, this duo is truly dynamic.

Our go-to for healthy supple skin is Kana Skincare's Lavender CBD Sleep Mask. When using, here's a little how-to cheat sheet for that energized epidermis you're craving.

❀ Use the sleeping mask as the last step of your nighttime skincare routine
❀ Scoop a suitable amount and apply an even layer on clean skin (face + neck)
❀ Pat gently and let it absorb
❀ Leave it on overnight and wash off with warm water the next morning
❀ Use three times a week for the ultimate glow

CBD + Hyaluronic acid for win.

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