All CBD Mini Vapes on Sale


We’re sad to say that a new law (the PACT Act) has made shipping vape pens a bit, well, impossible, and as of April 27th we’re going to stop selling our favorite little pocket-soothers. 

But, as a treat, we’re having a flash sale on Bloom Farm’s Mini Vapor Pens.  Enjoy 30% off these discreet pens which deliver a potent punch of CBD-infused relief in a chic little package.

As ever, these pens are safe and easy to use –no issue there. The PACT Act was designed to regulate vape products in a similar way to tobacco products – placing hefty restrictions on how they can be shipped and sold.  We’re hoping it may be lifted, amended or repealed, at which point we will happily restock this excellent product (and more!), but until then, we’re having to hit pause on this particular form of peace. 

Shop the sale and many more products that will help you find some calm in the crazy world of ours.

30% discount applied after adding to cart

*pens will still be available at in person events + pop ups*

UNDER $35 // *high* brow, low cost.

Whether you’re looking for something you can’t find, need help choosing the right product or simply seek greater knowledge of plant-based healing and medicine, please reach out.