A TFP infused workout

Inspired by our experience with Lacey Stone’s boot camp, The Flower Pot selected a couple of products to nourish the flourish. If there’s anything we’ve learned these past few weeks, it’s how real post-workout pain can be when left unattended. Give back to your body and fit-focused offerings:

  • Apothecanna Spray - for even the most achy muscles (because let’s be honest, deadlifting eighty pounds feels like a super-human feat some days.)
  • Turmeric Salve - for inflammation reduction. We put turmeric in our foods, why not lather it on our bodies? Eastern medicine has sworn by this practice for centuries.
  • CBD Bath Bomb - for a soak that sends you into bliss. (And yes, we’ve learned to redefine bliss as being able to sit on our glutes after leg day without screaming.)
  • Apothecanna Creme - for post-bath body rubs that can keep the body in recovery even while you sleep.

Because wellness rituals are a worthwhile practice for all.

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