8 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Cannabis Accessories

When was the last time you gave your pipe a lil’ TLC? Every strain of flower has distinct notes, and depending on how often you smoke, you may be missing the medicinal benefits of your terpenes. 

A piece is like a gateway a sacred channel bringing cannabis into your body. Trust us, you want the passage to be clear. Here’s our tips for keeping your tools tidy. 

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8 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Cannabis Accessories 

  1. Prepare an extra large ziplock bag
  2. Fill with ½ bottle of rubbing alcohol
  3. Add a cup of epsom salt
  4. Shake vigorously for one minute
  5. Let sit + soak overnight
  6. Dispose of the cleaning liquid
  7. Rinse piece thoroughly with hot water
  8. Wipe with a cloth, then let air dry

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Maintenance is an important part of responsibly consuming cannabis. Take time to clean your glass, porcelain, or ceramic accessories each week. For bigger pieces, repeat the process twice a month.

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If you’re searching for an organic option, complete the same steps with a  lemon juice + salt bath. Try our Daughter of the Land epsom salt soak replete with essential oil + herbal magic.

Either way, don’t neglect your pipes, chillums, bongs, rigs, or any of your other weed accessories.

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Pick a piece you love. 

Start with the Apple Pipe or Balance Pipe.

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