8 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Cannabis Accessories

When was the last time you gave your pipe a lil’ TLC? Every strain of flower has distinct notes, and depending on how often you smoke, you may be missing the medicinal benefits of your terpenes. 

A piece is like a gateway a sacred channel bringing cannabis into your body. Trust us, you want the passage to be clear. Here’s our tips for keeping your tools tidy. 

8 Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Cannabis Accessories 

  1. Prepare an extra large ziplock bag
  2. Fill with ½ bottle of rubbing alcohol
  3. Add a cup of epsom salt
  4. Shake vigorously for one minute
  5. Let sit + soak overnight
  6. Dispose of the cleaning liquid
  7. Rinse piece thoroughly with hot water
  8. Wipe with a cloth, then let air dry

Maintenance is an important part of responsibly consuming cannabis. Take time to clean your glass, porcelain, or ceramic accessories each week. For bigger pieces, repeat the process twice a month. 

If you’re searching for an organic option, complete the same steps with a  lemon juice + salt bath. Try our Daughter of the Land epsom salt soak replete with essential oil + herbal magic.

Either way, don’t neglect your pipes, chillums, bongs, rigs, or any other utensils you use with cannabis. 

Pick a piece you love. 

Start with the Apple Pipe or Balance Pipe.

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